Important Notice: COVID-19 New Restrictions in BC (November 12th)

Dear Valued Members;


Unfortunately due to the recent BC imposed restrictions, we will close the office from November 9th to 13th for any in person lesson or appointment. 

Conversation Club will continue as usual but on Zoom until then. We will communicate lesson times much like 6 months ago through Line. 


Update: November 12th, Thursday


After careful consideration and reviewing the recent update on the Government of BC’s website on November 10th, we have decided to re-open on Monday, November 16 for in-person conversation club and scheduled appointments. 


From November 9th(Monday) to 13th(Friday): Online lesson only

From November 16th(Monday): In-Person/Online Lessons

Safety is most important and we are glad we took a few days to reassess and make sure we are all doing as much as possible to be safe. 

The existing precautions will continue as usual for our students. But we will reduce tables from 7 to 5 for the next while. 

Of course, we will also continue Zoom classes for those wishing to participate from home. 

Thank you so much for your patience this week! Very appreciated.

See you all on Monday. 


BC Restrictions

Nikka Center / Club-House